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I'm a dane and several of the links on this page leads to information in Danish. You might also be interested in reading my more comprensive Danish homepage.

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I grew up in Rodskov and attended a small local school with only the first three classes, so I moved to Hornslet School. I attended High School in Risskov and studied Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics at the University of Aarhus from 1972 to 1979.

In 1979 i received a fellowship and worked for 5 years at CERN in Geneva after which I moved back to Aarhus. Gradually I switched to administrative duties and is today IT officer at the University of Aarhus.

The first lunar landing in 1969 was a major event in my life - this was the first step towards the stars. In recent years have I have made a minor contribution to the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal by reading the material and spotting a few errors.

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Genealogical table for Jørgen Friis Bak

                                                _Jens Nielsen BAK ____________
                   _Rasmus BAK ________________|
                  |                            |_Rasmine Margrethe ERIKSTRUP _
 _Frede BAK ______|
|                 |                             _Hans GROSEN _________________
|                 |_Margrethe Grosen SØRENSEN _|
|                                              |_Birthe Marie ANDERSEN _______
|--Jørgen BAK 
|                                               _Jacob Jensen FRIIS __________
|                  _Jørgen Jensen FRIIS _______|
|                 |                            |_Kjestine Marie HAUGE ________
|_Ingeborg FRIIS _|
                  |                             _Hans Jacob KROG _____________
                  |_Inger Sophie KROG _________|
                                               |_Marie Cathrine DIENSEN ______
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